Statement on abortion and bodily control after Roe overturned

I completely disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision today overturning Roe v. Wade and for the first time in our nation’s history taking away a fundamental right that was previously recognized. I fully support the right of women and of all people to control their bodies against any coercion or government intervention. This places me in opposition to both of my opponents. Scott Jensen wants to control women’s bodies by requiring them to carry a pregnancy to term. Gov. Walz supports abortion rights but wants to coerce or mandate that people get a vaccine against their wishes. I support everyone’s right to control their own body. No exceptions.

I also differ from Gov. Walz in that he would only veto new laws from the legislature that outlaw or restrict abortion. I would codify the right to an abortion in state law, and I could do that by introducing it to a citizen jury under my Jury Democracy proposal. The jury would undoubtedly pass a pro-choice bill by a large margin, and then I would demand that the legislature hold a vote on that bill.

See also my previous blog post and video.

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