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Jury Democracy, COVID Lockdowns, the Environment, and Why I Scare the Elites So Much

Do you want to govern yourselves?  Or do you want Tim Walz or Scott Jensen to govern you?

I bet you have a lot of great ideas.

Imagine a world where . . .

But Anthony Fauci told Tim Walz to do it!

Does personal freedom count at all?

Do happiness and quality of life count at all?
Tim Walz apparently doesn't think so.

Strangely, the Declaration of Independence does not mention maximizing GDP

To promote happiness, do the opposite of
everything Tim Walz ordered

Abortion rights and common sense gun control. 
If we had Jury Democracy . . .

Is happiness important to you?
By that measure, Tim Walz is the worst Governor in Minnesota history.

What if the lockdowns had had to clear a jury
of random citizens?

How government can promote happiness

Tim Walz decided to harm children in a failed attempt to benefit their great grandparents

Do children matter?

Why are the elites so scared of me?

McTavish: Convert half the state to nature.
Walz: ??

I have more innovative ideas by breakfast than Tim Walz has had in his entire life

316 thrown into depression,
350 out of school,
126 out of work,
1,640 less free and less happy
to try (and fail) to save 1 person, age 84

Reduce crime and police misconduct.  Let police chiefs fire bad cops.

Does happiness matter?
Tim Walz deliberately threw 1 million Minnesotans into depression.

Does your freedom matter?
Tim Walz sentenced every Minnesotan to the sentence you would get for assaulting your ex when she has a restraining order.

We've got a big censorship problem

Lethality of COVID and censorship

Tim Walz the pro-education candidate?! 
Give me a break!

Shortages and inflation were caused by the lockdowns.  Tim Walz decided to cause shortages.

Jury Democracy: We in Minnesota can have the best government in human history.

Verdict on the lockdowns from a demonstration of Jury Democracy

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