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Jury Democracy

What would be the characteristics of an ideal government?  It would produce decisions in this way:

  • Decisions made by every citizen, not just by a single dictator or president and not just by a small number of representatives or the elites of society.

  • Decisions made with full information and after careful consideration of all evidence and arguments and with respectful, open-minded discussion about the decision among the decision makers; not made based on snap emotion or limited and biased information. 

  • Decisions made by consensus where possible and not be 51% imposing their will on 49%.

I support common sense gun control
There is broad consensus on gun rights and gun control and I support that consensus.  Law-abiding citizens have a right to own handguns, rifles, and shotguns.  But I support bans on semi-automatics and ammunition for semi-automatics.  I support universal background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. 
     60% or more of the population share those positions with me.  If we had Jury Democracy, all of that would become law.  Tim Walz has not really even attempted to make any of that law.  I can get it enacted with Jury Democracy. 

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The Lockdown Response to COVID Was a Mistake:
In addition to destroying education for our children and young people, throwing over 300 people into major clinical depression and 127 people out of their jobs for every 1 COVID death prevented, and being the largest impairment of our freedom since slavery, lockdowns killed more Americans than they saved. 

Abortion and Vaccine Mandates

I am pro-choice on abortion and pro-bodily control period and therefore opposed to vaccine mandates and vaccine coercion
     I am pro-choice on abortion.  And unlike Walz, I could get the right to an abortion enacted into law through Jury Democracy.
    And it is not just pregnant women who have the right to control their bodies. Everyone should have the right to control their body, no exceptions. That means no vaccine mandates and no vaccine coercion.  You should not have to take a drug you do not want to take. 
    Tim Walz thinks only pregnant women should control their bodies but other people should not and should be forced or coerced to take a vaccine they don't want to take.  Scott Jensen thinks everyone except pregant women should have the right to control their bodies.  They are both wrong. EVERYONE has the right to control their own body.  No exceptions.





Governing with the Goal of Happiness:

Our real goal in life is happiness.  Promoting happiness should be the primary goal of government, and it will be in my administration.  

Protecting and Restoring the Environment

Understanding where I stand on any issue affecting the environment is very simple.  I am on the side of protecting the environment.  Whatever the issue is, figure out which position would protect the environment more, and that’s my position.


My core environmental proposal is the modest proposal that we simply share this state with other species, with wolves and buffalo and sandhill cranes and wood ducks and every other wild species, and that we do that by reverting 50% of our land to nature, to the primary if not exclusive use of wild species. 


Gun Control

We should enforce our immigration laws, have lower immigration numbers, and ban "sanctuary" cities
Immigration damages our environment, reduces wages, and increases inequality.  It hurts minorites and the poor most of all.
   The number one problem in society is overpopulation.  That is at the root of all other problems, especially environmental problems. And immigration is responsible for all of the population growth in the U.S.
    Immigration drives down the wages of workers and therefore increases inequality.  Studies show that and it is common sense.  Immigrants come here for jobs, therefore they compete with American workers and drive down their wages--unless the law of supply and demand does not apply to labor. 
      "Sanctuary" cities means sanctuary for law breakers--those who violate our immigration laws.  They do not deserve sanctuary any more than any other law breakers do.  Every nation has a right to control its borders and the U.S. is no exception.   I would ban sanctuary cities and fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities to deport illegal immigrants.  

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