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Jury Democracy

What would be the characteristics of an ideal government?  It would produce decisions in this way:

  • Decisions made by every citizen, not just by a single dictator or president and not just by a small number of representatives or the elites of society.

  • Decisions made with full information and after careful consideration of all evidence and arguments and with respectful, open-minded discussion about the decision among the decision makers; not made based on snap emotion or limited and biased information. 

  • Decisions made by consensus where possible and not be 51% imposing their will on 49%.


The Lockdown Response to COVID Was a Mistake:


In addition to destroying education for our children and young people, throwing over 300 people into major clinical depression and 127 people out of their jobs for every 1 COVID death prevented, and being the largest impairment of our freedom since slavery, lockdowns killed more Americans than they saved. 


Governing with the Goal of Happiness:

Our real goal in life is happiness.  Promoting happiness should be the primary goal of government, and it will be in my administration.  

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