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We are overpopulated

We are overpopulated. The world, the United States, and Minnesota are all overpopulated. Life would be better for humans and a lot better for all other species if there were fewer humans. With fewer people, there would be more money for each of us and we would each be richer, income and wealth inequality would be less, we would have less need to restrict what we can do and would thus be freer, traffic jams would be less, the cost of housing, food, and everything else would be less, global warming would be more manageable, habitat loss and species extinction would be solved, and the natural environment would be improved in every way.

Population growth in the U.S. is primarily because of immigration. So to reduce population the first step is to reduce immigration. Secondly, we need to acknowledge that we are overpopulated and that therefore how many children you have is an ethical issue and it is more ethical to have fewer or no children than to have more children. We should create awareness and social pressure around that ethical issue.

That probably won’t win me the election, but I probably will not win this election anyway, so I might as well tell you the truth.

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