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Get to Know Mike

In 2021, Mike Winter ran with the Independence Party for Mayor of Minneapolis. Born and raised in the Nokomis neighborhood of South Minneapolis, Mike was driven by a powerful desire to help his fellow citizens of his beloved city. His goal was to reduce crime, reenergize business and improve the quality of life for all. While striving for his first role as a public servant, Mike discovered Minnesotans are hungry for a common-sense and independent candidate as a result of years of Democrat and Republican leaders seeming most interested in money and power.  Mike learned to keep an open mind and listen to the opinions of all people while campaigning and found that most want someone to listen to their concerns instead of being immediately dismissed. 


Mike is educated in Radio and Television Broadcasting at the Brown Institute in Mendota Heights, and he continues to work maintaining a personal business in the entertainment industry. In addition, Mike has followed in his father's footsteps and has been a union-proud member of the Teamsters Local 792 for five years, serving as a Union Steward for four of those years. Mike currently lives in Minneapolis, cherishing the time he is able to spend with his teenage daughter, Emma.

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Mike Winter, with daughter Emma, in Fort Snelling State Park, just minutes from his childhood home in Minneapolis. 

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