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Tim Walz is the worst Governor in Minnesota history.

When Tim Walz implemented the lockdowns he decided to

  • to throw 1 in 5 Minnesotans into major clinical depression,

  • to increase crime,

  • to create shortages and inflation,

  • to increase suicides, drug abuse, drug overdose deaths, alcohol abuse, and alcohol deaths,

  • to destroy education for two years,

  • to increase child abuse and domestic abuse,

and--in the largest infringement of freedom since slavery--

  • to sentence every Minnesotan to home confinement for 7 weeks, a sentence you would get for a 3rd drunk driving offense or assaulting your ex when she has a restraining order against you, and

  • to suspend the First Amendment and forbid us from gathering to worship God,

in the belief that all of those harms and sacrifices he imposed on us would be worth it to reduce deaths from a disease that was 1.7-times deadlier than the flu.

And it did not reduce deaths from that disease.

He is the worst Governor in Minnesota history.

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