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U.S. Senate Votes 100 to 0 For a Bad Idea

The U.S. Senate unanimously--yes, unanimously--passed a bill to make Daylight Savings Time permanent. Here's the story:

Senators can't agree on anything! Now, the one thing they all agree on is a bad idea that is supported by a minority of the U.S. population!

The story says the reason they all support it is to mitigate the health effects from switching times. People who look into this have been saying for years that when we spring forward in the Spring, heart attacks and other adverse health effects go up. And they stay elevated throughout the daylight savings time period. They do not go up when we fall back in the Fall and they are lower in standard time. So this makes no sense. If you are worried about the health effects, the solution is to make Standard Time permanent, not Daylight Savings.

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