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Crime Part 1. Tim Walz deliberately created the crime wave. (Or he's incompetent. Take your pick.)

We are undergoing a crime wave in Minnesota, as we all know.

Tim Walz, in effect, deliberately decided to increase crime by his lockdown strategy. Most crime, especially violent crime, is committed by teenagers and 20-somethings. Gov. Walz decided to close the schools for 2 years. He effectively told teenagers: “Spend more time with your gangs and less with your teachers.” You are going to have an explosion of crime when you do that. As for young adults, he closed their colleges and kicked them out of school and disproportionately threw them out of work by closing restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, where a huge number of young people work. He effectively told them, “Fend for yourselves.” You are going to get an explosion in crime when you do that. If he did not anticipate that, then he is incompetent as a public official.

He also isolated young people from each other and, since friendship and socialization is even more important for children and young adults than it is for us older folks, that led huge numbers of them into depression, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse, which will also lead to an increase in crime.

So the most important thing to remember about the spike in crime is that Tim Walz decided to inflict it on us deliberately in a failed attempt to decrease COVID cases. Or if it was not a conscious decision than he is incompetent as a public official since this was entirely foreseeable. Now that he caused this spike in crime, he has a plan to save us by bringing in more police. Great! It would have been better not to cause the problem in the first place.

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