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More insanity from the CDC: "Vaccinated people and kids should wear masks."

I wish they would stop giving me so much material to comment on. Headlines today say, “CDC reverses indoor mask policy, saying fully vaccinated people and kids should wear them indoors.”

Where to start?

Masks make “little or no difference” in COVID and cold and flu transmission, says Cochrane Reviews, the best authority on evidence-based medicine, and mask mandates make “no significant difference” in transmission, according to the only controlled clinical trial on masks during COVID, which is also the best clinical trial ever done on the effect of masks on colds or flu or any upper respiratory tract viral infection. That’s what the data says. My book, COVID Lockdown Insanity, elaborates on this.

Vaccinated people are at no risk of death from COVID, almost no risk of serious illness, and probably 80% reduced risk of even having symptomatic illness, which makes their risk of contracting symptomatic COVID lower than their risk of contracting symptomatic influenza. Why in the world should they be worried about COVID at all, let alone wearing masks? And if the supposed concern is that vaccinated people might transmit COVID to unvaccinated people, the vaccinated are also at about 80% reduced risk of transmitting COVID, since only symptomatic people transmit it, as the data shows and as is also elaborated in my book. And the unvaccinated have chosen to accept the risk of getting COVID, as is their right, so why should the vaccinated be obligated to take any precautions to prevent infecting the unvaccinated?

And kids wearing masks?!!! Any supposed expert who recommends that should be fired from government and, if she is a physician, lose her license to practice medicine. Children are at less than 1 in 1 million chance of dying from COVID and at less than 1/5 the risk of dying from COVID as they are of dying from the flu. And mask wearing exposes them to 6 times what Germany deems the legal limit of carbon dioxide, a gas that we use to euthanize mice in the laboratory.

If the CDC is interested in promoting public health, they stop saying such stupid things!, it would help with my blood pressure.

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