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Kicked Out of My Church for Standing Up for the Downtrodden by Refusing to Wear a Mask

Immediately after a wonderful sermon preaching that we should all get along and maskers and anti-maskers should stop hating each other, and immediately before communion when the priest would say "All are welcome at God's table," I was ordered to leave the church where I was married and

served on the vestry because I refused to wear a mask. I refused to wear a mask because I refuse to participate in driving people to depression and suicide and drug and alcohol abuse and drug and alcohol deaths, which is the primary effect of the lockdowns and mask wearing. I really get going at about 1:50.

Youtube censors much of our content and censors anti-lockdown content generally. So it would be better if you go to the video on Rumble. Here is the link to the same video on Rumble.

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