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Inflation is Tim Walz's fault

Ordinarily, you cannot blame a governor for inflation. Governors have little control over the economy and the federal government is more important. But in this case, I think it is Tim Walz's fault, as well as Anthony Fauci's.

What we are experiencing is not so much inflation as shortages. Inflation is when money gets less valuable and wages and goods and services all rise in nominal price by about the same amount. That is not what we are experiencing. Groceries are up. Gas prices are up. Lumber and paper prices are up. Your wages probably are not up much. We have empty spots and shortages on grocery shelves and store shelves.

And when did the shortages start? Immediately upon the lockdowns. We closed the nonessential businesses and told everyone to start working from home. Businesses then got less efficient and the economy slowed. The price of lumber skyrocketed. We ran out of toilet paper. This was all predictable, so Tim Walz and Anthony Fauci decided to cause these shortages and inflation in the hope that it would prevent a bunch of COVID deaths. It didn't. We got the shortages and inflation. We also got the COVID deaths and ultimately we all got infected anyway.

So shortages and inflation are Tim Walz's fault. He and Anthony Fauci and the other governors decided to deliberately inflict those on us in the hopes that it would reduce deaths from a disease that was 1.7 times deadlier than the flu. And it did not.

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