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How to Get Your Ideas Enacted Now vs. Under Jury Democracy

The current system for getting your ideas enacted:

  • Raise money, mostly from rich people and corporations.

  • Convince people in 30 seconds at most.

  • Convince legislators who already have their minds made up and have committed to a position to change their minds, if you can even get them to listen to you.

  • Vilify your opponents and appeal to anger.

Under Jury Democracy how you will get ideas enacted:

  • Convince a large jury that is a random cross section of society of your idea. You will have as much time as you need and they will give you a fair hearing.

You do not need to raise money, you are not limited to 30 seconds, and you do not need to appeal to anger or vilify your opponents.

In the current system, if you care about a particular issue, your strategy would be write letters to legislators, write letters to the editor, maybe post your feelings on social media (assuming the social media platforms will not remove your posts as contrary to accepted or permitted opinion), and if you are really dedicated start a non-profit, raise money, which will have to be mostly from rich people because they have the money, figure out a 5 second pitch, maybe 15 or 30 second pitch, that encapsulates your message and would convince people because we have so much competing for attention that no one will listen for more time than that, and vilify your opposition because anger and hatred get the most clicks and draw the most dollars and attention.

And even if you check all those boxes, you are quite unlikely to succeed in moving public opinion or getting your idea enacted.

If your cause does not appeal to the moneyed interests, if it takes more than 30 seconds to explain it and make your case, if the moneyed and powerful interests oppose your cause and therefore will not allow you to be heard, or if your opponents are not in fact evil or you do not have any interest in painting them as evil, you are out of luck.

In contrast, here’s how you get your idea enacted under Jury Democracy:

(1) Find just one legislator to introduce your idea to a jury or, if you cannot find even one legislator to introduce it, gather a modest number of signatures to have it introduced by petition.

(2) Make your case to a jury of randomly selected citizens who are a fair cross section of society.

You will have as much time as you need to make your case. Your opponents will get to make their case also. The jurors will mostly be open minded and give you a fair hearing. If your idea is good and you make a persuasive case, it will probably pass.

You don’t need money. You don’t need to raise any money. You don’t need to explain your idea and convince people in under 30 seconds. And you don’t need to vilify your opponents; in fact, it will probably be counter-productive to do so.

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